Stine Thunshelle

Stine Thunshelle

IM/IT Advisor

Common standards and cooperation across markets and rigs, brings Dolphin Drilling into the future. For the IT adviser, Stine Thunshelle, interaction has been on the agenda for years. The goal is that Dolphin employees in Stavanger, Oslo, Aberdeen, or where-ever they are, will use the technology as efficient as possible.

It’s all about working virtually – without limits, whether you work in finance, technology, marine, or other areas of the company. In addition to the most efficient way of working, the company’s overall experience and expertise is even better utilized.

For Stine, Dolphin Drilling is the ideal work place. She identifies herself easily with corporate values. “Honesty, openness and the possibility to speak out, is the reason for doing a best possible job,” she says. And, most of all; Within Dolphin the values are important both in written and in practise. They form the basis for trust, and make people being loyal to the company, and all it stands for. That’s why Stine states that her heart beats for her job.

The rig industry has been through big changes the last years. And a lot will happen the years to come. “By having a solid basis among my colleagues in the organisation, I am convinced that Dolphin has all it takes to manage the challenges.”