Kjartan Høiby

Kjartan Høiby

“Sharing Experience, Building the Next Generation”

Car dealership owner, economist, mechanic, salesman. These are all terms that Kjartan has been able to apply to himself during his varied career. And he applies all those skills to his current role as one of the most experienced members of the Borgland Dolphin crew.

As Kjartan himself puts it, his offshore career happened “positively accidentally”, following the sale of his family business and the opportunity to take some time off. A chance encounter led to an introduction to Dolphin Drilling and the rest, as they say, is history.

That was 15 years ago and since then, Kjartan’s unique combination of practicality, problem solving and people skills has seen him become a valued member of the Dolphin workforce who can identify colleagues’ strengths and ensure they develop into their roles effectively. Fully certificated, his mechanical engineering skills are called into play every single day - not only as he undertakes his own role, but also as drill floor and specialised equipment trainer. What’s more, with an MBA in Business and Economics, there are few better qualified than Kjartan to understand the value of operational efficiency and that permeates everything he does.

In other words, Kjartan is makes a real impact not only upon the Borgland Dolphin’s operations, but also upon the Dophin’s next generation. His goal is to always to coach less experienced colleagues when he can see that they are ready to take the next step, encourage that as much as he can. Ultimately, everything he undertakes is with a view to creating as strong, efficient and capable a crew as possible.

As the offshore energy industry evolves, it’s critical that the it retains the vast array of irreplaceable knowledge and experience we currently benefit from. Quite simply, Kjartan plays a vital role in ensuring the continuity of operational excellence and client satisfaction.