Torger Berge

Torger Berge

From its beginnings in 1965, Dolphin Drilling has been an industry pioneer. That means we’ve also been the proud employers of many individual trailblazers who have done so much to advance the industry – none more so than Torger Berge.

Counted as one of Norway’s commercial diving pioneers, Torge’s passion for diving was initially fairly recreational; his part time work as scuba diving instructor didn’t interfere with his full time career as a pâtissier and confectioner. However, when that diving school became Subsea Dolphin and he was asked to join the company in 1978, the hobby became a career.

As a highly-regarded diving instructor, Torger attained his bell diving certificate in 1979, becoming a Diving Superintendent in ’86, achieving his AODC qualifications in 1988 and being widely viewed by his peers as one of the industry’s most accomplished divers.

In 1996, after nearly 20 years in this demanding role, Torger took the opportunity to move into a Storeman position on the Dolphin Byford. In 1999, Torger established the stores on the Borgland Dolphin in dry dock in Belfast, before accompanying it offshore. Subsequent work included returning to the Bideford to provide catering – as well as Storeman – duties. And recently, he returned to his old friend, the Borgland.

In other words, Torger has been at the heart of Dolphin for over 43 years, bringing a vast amount of knowledge, experience and continuity to his colleagues and to our clients. He’s seen plenty of changes and we think he’s one of the best qualified to sum up Dolphin Drilling in 2021….

“I’ll be 65 in August and am likely to retire in a year or so. I recall my 40-plus years with Dolphin fondly and have enjoyed working with my Norwegian and UK teammates.

“Since the 70s the industry has, of course, changed so much – for example, when I started out there were no safety guidelines or regulations. Hard to believe nowadays! And after some tough times for the industry and - like so many others - for our company, there is now a real air of optimism at Dolphin Drilling. The business is still always willing to listen to us and is constantly making changes for the better.

“Communication is key, if you don’t have that you’ll never have a good company.”