Delivering Safe and efficient drilling operations

Our mission is to deliver hyper-connected drilling services to the harsh environment and mid-water market. Bringing a new level of real-time information, cost efficiency and low-carbon operation to support our clients ambitions.

Our fleet of 5th and 6th Generation Enhanced Aker H3 units provide their robustness by having a high technical standard, broad operational track record, positive air gap and a passive mooring system giving best in-class energy efficiency.

The company culture, carefully built through decades, enables rapid and flexible responses to customer needs whilst maintaining safe and efficient operations.

About Our Owners

Euronext Public Investors

  • Commenced trading on N-OTC on 15th September
  • Expected to be up-listed to Euronext Growth on 28th October
  • ~190 shareholders primarily consisting of Norwegian, UK and US investors

SVP Global

  • Global alternative investment firm founded in 2001
  • Manages an investment portfolio worth c. USD 18.5 billion, with a global team of 63 investment professionals
  • Senior team of some of the industry’s most accomplished and recognised professionals, with investment team averaging >20 years’ experience spearheading financial restructurings and operational improvements

S.D. Standard ETC

  • Invested in 31 offshore rig assets since 2004 – 26 sold with profit, 4 breakeven and
    only 1 with loss
  • Industrial experience from oil and gas companies, engineering, seismic, OSV and
    offshore drilling
  • Initiator and main owner of more than 50 IPOs