Kim Jensen

Kim Jensen

Being offshore – or at least on the water - is a part of Kim’s DNA. The Tool Pusher, who has been an integral part of the Dolphin team since 1998, began his career in the Norwegian Merchant Navy, reflecting a love of the sea which hasn’t diminished over the years.

Beginning his Dolphin journey as an Assistant Driller, Kim’s appreciation of a challenge – and his ability to solve them – saw him progress to his current position of Tool Pusher by 2007. Since then, he’s continued to relish the daily challenges of life offshore, in particular appreciating the recognition for his capability and experience which allows him the freedom to apply his skills as he judges best – whether that’s contending with a technical well issue or the Northern North Sea weather! No two days are the same, and that’s something that Kim finds stimulating, even in the 24/7 atmosphere of life on board an asset – in this case the Borgland Dolphin.

That 24/7 working environment is balanced, however, with the time spent onshore either back on the water, fishing, or embarking upon some really impressive construction and carpentry projects. It’s the ability to do so, thanks to the work/life balance engendered by Dolphin, that also contributes to Kim’s love of the job.

The emphasis placed upon workforce satisfaction is fundamental to how Dolphin operates, and the positive relationships built across the company are viewed as critical to the company’s future. Kim sums it up like this:

“We are one of the more compact drilling companies, which I believe brings huge benefits to both the workforce and our clients. Nobody is just a number in the ranks – everyone knows everyone and feels genuinely appreciated for the work they do. That has a massive impact upon day-to-day operations, responsibility and accountability.

“As the company enters a new era, it’s great to see the next generation helping to maintain that atmosphere. It’s happening almost imperceptibly and I’m looking forward to the next chapter for Dolphin Drilling.”