Mark Chandler

Mark Chandler

“There is massive potential for Dolphin Drilling to grow and grow.”

This is Toolpusher, Mark Chandler’s perspective on the future of our company, and he’s a bit of an expert in this kind of thing, having been a part of the offshore energy industry since 1991.

Following an early career in the army, and a stint as an electrician, Mark first went offshore at the age of 18, and has witnessed the peaks and troughs of this industry across three decades. Originally a North Sea roustabout, Mark’s offshore career began to focus on international drilling work and as he has worked his way through various drilling crew positions, his impressive track record includes time spent in the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, West Africa, the Far East, Azerbaijan and Qatar.

In other words, Mark’s spent a lot of time working overseas, and understands the critical importance of team spirit when you’re away from home on a regular – and often lengthy – basis. Having been a part of Dolphin Drilling for over 11 years, Mark has seen how the company’s team spirit helps to ensure safe and efficient day to day operations. He’s also acutely aware of how it can also influence the response to unforeseen challenges, particularly as a group of ex-pats working overseas; whether that’s the varying requirements of different clients, working in different cultures or even something as unusual as a global pandemic…

Currently based on the Blackford Dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico, Mark says it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of offshore camaraderie and mutual respect amongst his colleagues.

“Dolphin Drilling is well known for retaining its expertise on a long-term basis, and the team dynamic that is built up over the course of several years (and sometimes decades!) has such a strong influence on performance. With 30 ex-pat colleagues on the Dolphin Bideford at any one time, and a crew change every two weeks, it’s so important that we know each other, understand each other’s roles and communicate on a constant basis.

“From daily team talks to online communications, we’re ensuring that the team remains strong, performing at its optimum level, ultimately promoting and delivering what Dolphin is renowned for; consistent operational excellence wherever we are based.”