Warm rigs, ready for operation

Smart Stacking ensures our rigs are kept warm and ready to mobilise for the next contract. Smart Stacking includes careful selection of lay-up location and a tailored follow-up regime ensuring that we are in control on the reactivation scope. By implementing the Smart Stacking concept we:

  • Minimize deterioration
  • Control status of systems and equipment
  • Maintain crew knowledge and competence of each rig’s systems and equipment
  • Minimize cost and schedule risk at re-entry to operation
  • Maximize the time to next Class renewal survey

A drilling rig is a complex unit in terms of its variety of systems and equipment and the different parts react differently to a period of stand still. In order to account for this, the Smart Stacking includes both active and passive follow-up regimes, where follow-up regimes have been selected based on the nature of each system and area. Active follow-up combines regular maintenance and testing of systems and integrated systems, and passive follow-up includes long-term preservation, software diagnostics and inspections.

The rigs go through a thorough preparation for lay-up rig, where we preserve selected areas, systems and equipment and adapt our preventive maintenance system to the activity level in lay-up. The Dolphin Drilling lay-up team is running regular integrated tests of all vital systems, ranging from equipment run from the bridge, power supply and mud and bulk, to cranes and material handling, drill floor system, fire fighting and life saving and marine systems.

In addition to the rigs, our main asset is a highly skilled and dedicated organization. Our employees know the rigs, and they have an excellent track record in terms of delivering both operational quality and a solid safety performance. An experienced lay-up team is deployed to the unit for the regular maintenance and testing campaigns. The team consists of highly qualified personnel from all rig disciplines and is set up to be able to operate the rig in lay-up in line with the requirements of the Dolphin Drilling Management System. The lay-up team will become an integrated part of the team operating the unit when re-entering operations.